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Our Mission

Community. Friendship. Opportunity.

Every single individual has the power to change the world.  All one needs is the chance. Our mission at Soul Purpose NY is to provide individuals of all abilities with that opportunity. When joining our warm and vibrant community, participants discover a home away from home. A place where lifelong friendships are made. A place where each individual can explore where their passions and skills lie. A place where, by working together, everyone has the opportunity to pursue their calling, and spread their wings and fly.

We've all got SOUL to give. 

About Us: About Us

In Dedication to the Rebbe

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Soul Purpose New York's mission is based upon the vision & teachings of the Rebbe. The Rebbe believed that every person has their own unique capabilities which they can use to lead a life of meaning and purpose. All one must do is tap into their inner soul. 

The Rebbe continues to inspire thousands of people around the world. May his memory be blessed.

About Us: Who We Are

Our Team

Rabbi Mendel Gurkov

Founder & Co-Director

Rivka Gurkov

Founder & Co-Director

Nina Katz

Head of Volunteer Committee

Emily Orgill

Class Coordinator/ Instructor

Julie Reily

 Instructor: Cooking 

Camille Zeltman

Instructor: Eating Healthy and Baking

Gloria Panky

Instructor: Forward

Deanna Powers

Instructor: Craftacular

Peter Lora

Instructor: Ceramics

Darcy Remetich

Instructor: Music

About Us: Meet the Team
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