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Phase one: Independence


  • Self Assessment - Learn how to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and the best ways to utilize them.

  • Time Management - Learn to manage time, enabling punctuality, and optimizing work and personal hours.

  • Decision Making - Learn how to make informed decision by evaluating pros and cons in real time

  • Work relationships - Learn to navigate the different relationships between employers, employees, co-workers etc.

  • Conflict Resolution - Learn tools to avoid conflict and how to deescalate contentious situations.

  • Stress Management - Learn methods for healthy stress levels, and how to prevent tense situations from getting to stressful.

  • Hygiene and Attire - Learn how to maintain the proper attire and hygiene for various different business settings.

  • Workplace Safety - Learn how to keep safe in the workplace, by identifying and avoiding endangering workplace practices.

  • Health and Wellness - Learn how maintain a healthy diet and physical activity throughout a busy workweek

  • Communication Skills - Learn how to properly utilize methods of modern communication; in-person, phone call, email, text, etc.

  • Money Management - Lear how to budget, save money, open bank accounts, and properly appropriate your pay-check.

  • Advocacy - Learn how and when to advocate for your-self and others in the workplace, and in one's personal life.

Phase one: Independence: Programs
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