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Mitzvah - Acts of Kindness 
Campaign for Israel

Join us in spreading light! take upon yourself an act of goodness and kindness - a "Mitzvah."

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On Oct 7th, a unfathomable act of terror was perpetrated against the people of Israel. Although we are far away geographically, there is much that we can do to help at this time of need. "Mitzvah" is the Hebrew word for good deed. It also means "connection." When one does a good deed, they forge a loving connection between themselves, their fellow man and G-d. 

We ask that each of us choose a "Mitzvah", a good deed, to do in honor of the people of Israel. Whether it's helping a fellow person, giving charity, or saying a prayer. The impact of these actions will fight the darkness that threatens us. No matter who you are, no matter your denomination, one small Mitzvah can dispel darkness.

Please let us know which Mitzvah you have taken upon yourself, and a send us a picture of the Mitzvah. Thank you for partnering in this special undertaking!

Mitzvah Campaign: About Us
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