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Phase two: Passion

What kind of jobs are there to choose from?

  • Retail - Learn customer service, bagging, shelving, categorizing, cash register, and warehouse skills.

  • Office Work - Learn filing, shredding, data entry, copying, faxing, emailing, and phone etiquette.

  • Tech - Learn spreadsheets, documents, power-point, graphic design, audio and video creation.

  • Horticulture - Learn outdoor and indoor gardening. Training in planting and cultivation of vegetables, fruit, and landscaping.

  • Culinary -Learn culinary skills, waitering, order placement, dishwashing and cleaning.

  • E-Commerce -Learn do-it-yourself businesses: creation of an individual product (art, music, books, etc.) online listing, order fulfilment, packaging and shipping

  • Music - Learn how to manage your music skills as a brand, such as a DJ or a performer

  • Art - Learn to utilize your artistic abilities and profit off of them, starting small businesses selling your handmade creations 

Phase two: Passion: Programs
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